Beginner's Park 3

Hey folks. The old site got hacked, and was too much to clean up, so I disabled it. This site's here to give people links to other place ex-BP3 plays may be.


We used to run various ET servers, but I (Latch) don't have the resources to bring up BP3-2, 3-1, 3-3, etc. Corn might, you'd have to contact him if you want those back up. The services I still keep up:

Joyrex ET Server:

At various times we also had TS/QW/Minecraft/TF2 servers. Those aren't running anymore. So it goes.

If you're getting back into ET and looking for some old-school ET action, I believe OF Clan's still running like the old days. You can find them here. If you're looking for the Joyrex ET site, it's here.

Where's everybody now?

Everywhere. The variety of games people have moved to is huge. You can try and catch up with old friends on Steam or Facebook. There's a Steam Group for BP3ers. On Facebook, there's also a group. It's probably the busiest ex-bp3ers site, and many people have posted on the wall with their old BP3 names (or some of their BP3 names *cough*LK3*cough*).

-Latch (